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Since 1994!
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the amazing nighttime footbag
When the sun goes down, stop the game or... turn on your Nighthack™ LED footbag!
Nighthack is the best light up glow in the dark hacky sack you will ever experience! All nighthack footbags are now stronger, more durable, brighter and balanced. Night Hack is waterproof and washable. Cool!
Nighthack is The Original and best glow footbag available! We invented it!

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NightHack is great to use on the beach or in the snow. Nighthack in the park or on the sidewalk.
Show up with your nighthack and save the game! Finally play footbag at night!! The Future of Fun!

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Nighthack Neon Pro LED Glow Footbag

New Low Price!
Our new design with LED technology takes footbags farther into the future!!

Internal Light Color: Red, Orange, Color Changer, Fade, White, Pink, Purple,
Shell: 12 panel Amara Suede

The hot new present to yourself for 2020!
The newest design with our Nighthack™ Pro footbag.

Introducing the Nighthack Neon Pro!
With the new color 12 panel shell, depending on the light you choose, the panels will change color or stay the same color or all of the options! An amazement for the eyes and a joy to kick around.

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Price (USD):$12.00



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Nighthack Extra Lights

Order Different Color Lights for Your Nighthack! Or for anywhere you need some light!

Internal Light Color: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Turquoise, White, Pink, Purple, Fade, Color Changer, Strobe,
Shell: Hard Plastic Shell

Good news!
NightHack lights are interchangeable!
Buy extra lights and make your favorite Night Hack change color.

Lights can also be used as mini flashlights or necklace lights for bike riding and walking. There are so many different uses for a compact long lasting light source. Available in ultra bright white or any of our colors or color changing lights.

You get 1 LED light module, hard plastic container, 3 batteries and a twist on/off cap.

Just change over the nighthack inner light module and batteries and your Nighthack is a new color!

Price (USD):$7.00



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Nighthack Extra Batteries Now available!

Order extra batteries and save money!

Internal Light Color: 3 batteries (all colors),
Shell: non-toxic button cells

Order extra batteries and save money! We buy bulk and pass on the savings to you.
Three AG12 batteries are needed for 1 Nighthack light up footbag in all colors. Nighthack battery packs last 40+ hours!

Price (USD):$3.00



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Thank you very much! Best money I ever spent! This is my all time favorite hack! Z.C.
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Awesome, now i can hack 24 hours a day. My friends tripped out so hard on it. A.T.
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